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I offer job interview preparation services for PhD candidates going on the academic job market. Working as a writing coach and with 8 years of experience as a university faculty member in the humanities, I am well prepared to conduct mock interviews that take into consideration how the candidate’s unique profile can be put in a dialogue with the specificities of the hiring institution and the position advertised. 

The interview practice package is priced at $100 and includes: 


* A practice session on videochat (30 minutes),


* A discussion of the candidate’s performance during the different parts of the interview, including the candidate’s experience of the interview (20-30 minutes),


* Detailed recommendations regarding the candidate’s answers.


I can also provide additional job search services including feedback on application documents. My experience has uniquely qualified me to work with candidates with the following profile: 


* Researchers carrying out interdisciplinary projects that span and bridge different fields, and look at specific issues from an range of perspectives. In this case, I help to define how the candidate's interdisciplinary research can fit within a field-specific department or position,


* Candidates whose work involves various languages (especially English, French, Spanish, and Portuguese). I can offer interview practice in two or more of these languages. 



"Having a mock job interview with Isis Sadek before a Skype interview with a potential employer was a valuable experience. Isis asked me specific questions, concerning my goals as a professor but also as a potential faculty member. This experience made me realize how important it is to practice before the job interview. I consider that recreating the situation of a job interview with a professional in the field is very useful and makes you more prepared to face some of the interactions that would occur during a formal interview. I totally recommend her services to anyone who is on the job market!"


PhD Candidate in Spanish applying to positions in Spanish at Liberal Arts Colleges and Public Universities.


"Isis did a remarkable job in preparing me for interviews for academic positions, and I strongly recommend her services. Isis's intimate knowledge of the job market and the academic milieu allowed her to both locate and highlight the strengths of my CV and application letter. Her coaching techniques were useful in portraying positively aspects that initially seemed like weaknesses to me. At no point in the process did I have the impression that Isis was applying a formula, as her work was very much premised on each candidate's history and personality which she underscored to emphasize what makes me a uniquely valuable candidate." 

Ph.D. Candidate in Comparative Literature and French applying to positions in French and Women's and Gender studies. 



"Working with Isis was great. While I felt nervous about the whole process, I automatically felt at ease once we were in contact. Isis was very friendly and personable throughout our whole exchange. During the practice interview session, she had perceptive questions catered to the types of positions I was interviewing for and gave both positive feedback and constructive criticism. Not only did she have insightful suggestions on where to improve but was also keen on pinpointing my strengths which is reassuring during such a difficult and high stress process. I look forward to working with Isis in the future for job market related services." 

PhD candidate in Latina/o/x and Latin American cultural studies applying to positions in Spanish at Liberal Arts College and Public University. 

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